Creative Russia: IdN Magazine v19n4
  • Creative Country Russia in IdN Magazine v19n4
    Series of interview with Russian Designers
    Interviewed by Arseny Vesnin from

    Alex Frolov, Irina Batkova, Zutto, Andrey Belikov,
    Karina Eibatova and Protey Temen

  • Russia, prior to and during the early days of the revolution, made a huge contribution to the world's artistic patrimony – in literature, dance, music and art.
    Now that the straitjacket of Stalinist orthodoxy and Socialist Realism has been removed, what remains of that glorious past? Are today's Russians as innately talented as their celebrated forebears? And what is the world of design like for its 21st-century disciples? What are their hopes and fears, the challenges they face, the obstacles they have to overcome? We asked half a dozen talented new Russian creatives to tell us the "pravda" (truth) about the contemporary design scene in their native land.
    (Introduction by IdN Magazine)
  • IdN v19n4: Shapes-in-Pattern / $19.95
IdN Magazine asked Designcollector Network editor Arseny Vesnin to come up with "Creative Country" column to feature Russian artist. I arranged a set of interview with selected profiles to form a view on creative state in our country. IdN Magazine v19n4 available soon from IdN Stores.
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